May 18, 2010


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not doing drugs my ass.

i dont care.

who was your source, her mom? this makes her sound like such a sweet little angel. people have solid proof. reallly?


So NOW you wanna cut her some slack? Whatever dude, she was BFFs with Jac Vanec and used to hangout with hardcore douchebags, besides of hundreds and hundreds of stories floating around. I wouldn't trust that source anymore if I were you, she's the one that seems to be "cutting Demi some slack".

I have no doubt Demi has done hard drugs at parties, and I have no doubt her family, the Camp Rock girls ,Joe and even Selena know about it.


Well that was bullshit and wasted my time stuffing my ears with lies


Woah thanks Zack!! I do belive you everything! and i don't see anything bad on drinking, some ppl are just too much scandalous! but drugs well that's another case but I really belive you... I don't think she consume drugs


hm, yeah. i'm 15 and i do the same shit. leave it alone. k?


what teen doesnt drink? haha. this is lame. your site sucks balls.


uhm zack people will believe you if you support your facts. sources please. "people" "demi's friends" dont help at all.


Its a true fact that demi did do drugs and yes gotten drunk a few times but who doesnt experiment.Its part of growing up but unfortunately the truth about Demi doing this was going to come out one way or another. Fasten your seat belts there will be more scandal to come. TMZ and The Insider is reporting this too and others so dont point fingers at ZT. Im suprised he waited until now to report this.This has been the topic since yesterday.
Cant wait for the world to see the true Demi Lovato for the whore & cokehead she truly is.


JAMES - ZT was actually nice reporting this the way he has.This has been the subject since yesterday from The Insider and apparently TMZ is investigating.But dont worry Im sure the Disney lawyers have it under control as usual.


How come you aren't expanding your sources beyond Demi's friends?

Example, some coworkers or people who work where she works at, example this comment in ONTD:


Or. maybe Disney wasn't so naive this time around and got to you first.
If you've been "compromised" by Disney's lawyers, you should send us a message or something.


Comment from another website:

Ugh @ this Zack Taylor stuff. I wouldn't doubt for a second that the Jonas camp or Demi's mom or someone connected to them still talks to that guy and as much as they treat him like a nuisance they probably are the one's telling him smaller things so he doesn't spill the legit major things.

Funny how he's always been on Jonas and Demi's case...but all he's ever talked about was "jemi" and "nicnick" or wtf ever they're called and Nick hooking up with that 20 something year old chick. He doesn't even go near the more intense rumors out there and nothing he's "leaked" has ever been "OMG SHOCKING!!"

And that's my conspiracy theory for the night. Peace ya'll.
I believe this, it fits classic Hollywood behavior with what Zack and OceanUP have been doing recently.

We always knew it would come to this, if a source is gonna leak something big they have to do it on their own, no intermediaries because they're on constant watch by Disney's PR people.


oh please!!!
i'm a teen and i drink and nothing happens and demi drink and it's a scandal??
before famous she is a normal girl!


Alright then. I was about to believe that shit about her being a coke.
Thank you Zack ... never thought I weould say this ;)


why is all this shit about drugs and stuff comng out now that she's so haapy? I really dont understand. Serously, hate rules the world.
what ifff she drinks or has sex omg, she's 17. almost every 17 does that!


and don't shit on Zack. He may be saying the truth. He says she drinks not that she need rehab or something


This is 100% false

Demi said on her twitter:

"Rumors and lis are called RUMORS and LIES for a reason"

which means she saw this & denied it :)


WTF???? she's smarter than all this dhit, seriously zack, get a life, this is insane, you're 20-something and talk about a 17 girl's life?? really, this is lame. please, stop talking about this shit, she has evrything, she doesn't need drugs, and it's not like she's doing drugs, really, she doesn't seems like that. Stick on your radio channel, and leave her and her boyfriend alone.
She is 17, it's normal that she drinks, have sex and everything, but I really think that drugs are mayor words, don't mess with serious things like that, like when evryone said that she was starving herself or cuttin her wrist. Please, stop it, put yoursel in her skin...


Haha the people who really know Demi know she does anything she wants to do and her mom does not care. Demi also wants to be a "star" and wants U to believe she is a good girl. However it will all come out like it does with every young star. Its not going to surprise anyone.



Demi said that this drinking rumor isn't true on her twitter

It's against the law to drink unless your over 21


ok what the heck are you guys talking about?? I just looked on tmz and the insider and didn't see anything about this


son of a bitch, will talk about his mother!






I remember the first time I was in the "drug" scene. It was junior high, and some friends and I would smoke weed after school... good times ;)

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