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i am TEAM ZACK. im making a teeshirt


im glad u finally r tlking. take the big mouse down

:) Demi Fan

hahah i have to admit im not usually a fan of what you say but your right this time. Its not this story thats giving him his rep. Honestly, half the people didn't even know about the story until the statement they sent to you was leaked. lol oh well.


i love the jonas brothers, but i agree with you one hundred percent.
keep doing what your doinggg! :D


the reason its a big deal, is cause you have no proof the story is true, and demi is 17, so its illegal for joe to be hooking up with her in that way... so if its not true, you could get him in alot of trouble for no reason at all, all they want you to do is remove the post, so stop being such an a** and just remove it.


team Zack ;)
What i like about you is that you are honest with you thoughs, you've post REALLY BAD gossip about some celebreties and sometimes you've been like "I dnt think its true" Thats why I read you.
Well... not you.. YOU GET IT!

& another reason is that, dnt get my wrong, Canadians are way more mature & honest and awesome than any other culture. Im from Paris, & trust me, I love canada :)

I also love Joe, but I agree. You havent post anything to harm his (so not perfect) reputation. :)
Lol, i hooe you read this.


team joe.


That's ridiculous. And this is coming from a Jonas Brothers Fan's mouth.


you need to stfd. Joe jonas is no different than any other guy trying to find a real relationship in this world


i fucking love you zack and clearly joe's a little pussy who can't confront people if he has a problem with them.


I have nothing against you, and I personnally am on your team, but maybe you should have waited a little bit, ya know, unitl Demi is 18


ugh i wish people would leave joe and demi to get on with their lives!! joe has enough to deal with already!! and who cares if demi is nearly 3 years younger than joe?? they were in love and thats all that mattered!!!


team joe :)
the reason its a big deal, is cause you have no proof the story is true, and demi is 17, so its illegal for joe to be hooking up with her in that way... so if its not true, you could get him in alot of trouble for no reason at all, all they want you to do is remove the post, so stop being such an a** and just remove it. +1


All that is ridiculous. People who still believe all this are ridiculous. None of your stuff add up. I went over all you wrote about Demi since 2008.
I'm also convinced you leaked the letter yourself to get more attention. Which you have. How else would it have gone out?
Pathetic. You and those who believe this shit.


what i dont understand is why everyone is saying its illegal and that zack has no proof...... they obviously dated and didnt just kiss. so obvsiously they did more than that.


team Joseph Adam Jonas forever, you just post what is not true ;)


you are a sad man, you just like the attention. Why are you obsessed with their lives? They're just like us and you're just taking advantage of it all.
You're stupid little fantasies about Jemi running off into the sunset are never going to come true. You should know that running a gossip site comes with consequences, you have NEVER told us your sources and it's always just one, gossip turns into rumours and then rumours are spread everywhere.
Try putting yourself in their shoes.


Wow Zack, you actually think you're going to get away with this scotch freem don't you? Yeah, nice try! Unlike Miley's deal w/ Perez, Joe is actually going through w/ this & charging you w/ something that you've tried for the longest time to prove as true.. when here you know that everything you report on this damn blog of yours is all made up BS - especially in regards to Demi & Joe. You're only doing this to feed your ego & clear your reputation for being a jerk who has nothing better to do than sit around & do his best to exploit somebody he once supported more than anything (Demi) & then bring in her friends, family, & others associated with her to do more damage (Joe, both the Lovato & Jonas Families, friends of both Demi & Joe, etc.). You can really drop the act & admit you're at fault here for everything. Oh wait, your ego & the fact that you think you're invincible won't let you.

Reading what you've put here has me laughing so hard right now. To think you're actually going to move on from this is absurd, you don't get it & you never will. Have you even begun to think of all the pain, hurt, & suffering you've caused Demi, caused Joe? Apparently not since you're still here making up lies & running your mouth, and refusing to take down these false accusations after you received a C&D letter.

"Anyways, at this time, we are confident our sources are accurate with their claims in our various blog postings. We invite Joe and any other celebrity that reads our website to contact us directly if they ever have any issues with what our sources tell us, and we will be more than happy to post their side of the story. I am only posting on what I hear, and do not have an agenda, make up my own false stories, or am "out to get Joe" as some people have suggested... I just run a blog, am free to state my opinions, and post stories I hear from my many sources around the world."

You must really think you're something special, eh? Sounds like somebody loves the sound of his own voice. Why would Demi, Joe, or any other celeb for that matter want to give you their side of the story after all the crap you post here on them to begin with? Demi's been the smartest of all in regards to this in not even bothering to comment, respond to your ass.


C'mmon pple! this is not about teams!,im not anyone's side.

Just they want you remove the post , just that , and now , if you done that...let it go then!

anyway , i love u to :)


i just think, its illegal and you putting out that story could get a joe in alot of trouble not just with his fans but the law too. im a fan i i dont give a fuck if he sleeps with demi or anyone else but he can be in trouble with the law so just take the fucking post down and shut the fuck up or reveal who told you!!!


I am 100% a JoBro fan, but I gotta agree with you here! Joe has had no problem building a reputation for himself as of the past year.

I mean, he'd barely broken up with Demi before flaunting about with Ashley Greene!

And secondly, I didn't take the whole friends with benefits thing to be sexual, more like two exs making out. He never specifially said, Oh yeah, their Both backstage, doing the nasty!

But either way, you guys are fooling yourselves if you still thing he's a virgin. He dosnt even keep up the pretence of the ring anymore. Not that its a bad thing, just open your eyes a bit.

And for those who say "why can't you just leave them alone, its their lives", your a hypocrite the moment you read this, because if you weren't interested in their lives, you wouldn't be on this site in the first place!

Keep doin' whatcha doin', Zack!


And Joe is not a pussy! never never ok? that's something stupid.

Joe just react as anyone would have done to feel threatened, that's all.

anyway i support both sides.


It was Dianna De la Garza(Demi Lovato's Mom) Who's Been the source,& Telling Zack Taylor All The Stuff You've Been Hearing.DUH!.How could you not see that??!!.UGH!.That whole damn family is fucking untrustworthy,FAKE & addicted to fame & fortune,& will do anything for it,& Joe JONAS should get the damn fucking balls to face them the people who are always there,& pretending & smiling in his fucking face,& stop trying to blame the blogger,who is just here to post & spread what he is told by the source(s).


Maybe you need new and better sources. You're wrong alot of times and bringing up Taylor Swift is an additional low blow. So many people want to take the girl's side when something goes wrong. And it's really unfair.You speak of the way he treats girls,seems to me he treats them great, they're always disappointed when it's over so they were being treated great.obviously the things you say can cause them problems & possibly cause people to take a negative view of them. Just like when you called Samantha or Lucie Nick's ***k buddy, yeah I'm so sure a source close to them told you that! Not! Now you have to deal with the consequences of all your slander and lies finally! Glad Joe is standing up to you!


Team Joe!!
die slow zack

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